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Benzene-Derived Carbon Nanothreads,
Nature Materials

Diamondoid Carbon Nanothreads

Extreme electronic bandgap modification in laser-crystallized ​silicon optical fibres,
Nature Materials

Strain Tuned Silicon Fiber

  • "Extreme electronic bandgap modification in laser-crystallized silicon optical fibres"

Silicon p-i-n Junction Fibers,
Advanced Materials

Silicon p-i-n Junction

  • "Silicon p-i-n junction optical fibers could lead to photovoltaic fabrics"
    John Wallace, Laser Focus World
  • "Scalable silicon-based optical fibre has solar-cell capabilities"
    The Engineer
  • "New type of optical fiber could be used in photovoltaic fabrics"
    David Szondy, Gizmag
  • "Silicon based optical fiber with solar-cell capabilities could be woven into solar fabrics"
    Julien Happich, EE Times Europe
  • "Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible"
    Materials Views
  • "New invention could lead to clothes that soak up solar power"
    System Alert
  • "The first flexible, fiber-optic solar cell that can be woven into clothes"
    Sebastian Anthony, ExtremeTech
  • "Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible"
    Katrina Voss, Eberly College of Science

Integration of GHz Bandwidth Semiconductor Devices inside Microstructured Optical Fibres,
Nature Photonics

Electrical Response of GHz Bandwidth Schottky Junction made with High Pressure Chemistry

  • "Integration: Fibres embrace optoelectronics"
    "He et al. employed high-pressure chemical vapour deposition (HPCVD) to deposit layers of metals and semiconductors into the fibres." "The ability to integrate important network components such as lasers, detectors, sensors and modulators into an optical fibre is an ambitious but worthwhile goal that has the potential to change optical networks significantly."
    Markus A. Schmidt, Nature Photonics
  • "Embedding Electronics into Optical Fibers."
    Prachi Patel, Materials Research Society
  • "New Route to Electronics Inside Optical Fibers."
    Prachi Patel, IEEE Spectrum
  • "Researchers Layer an Electronic Junction Into Optical Fiber."
    "There was a lot of chemistry that went into making this," Badding said...In much the same way the integrated circuit set the stage for the manufacturing of microprocessors, so too could hybrid electro-optical devices lead to entirely new technologies. "We're taking everything we've learned about integrated circuits, which are planar, and beginning to build analogous fiber-based devices, making them more integral to the fiber componentry that we use for communications," Ballato said.
    Joab Thomas, IDG News Service
  • "Crystalline Materials Enable High-Speed Electronic Function in Optical Fibres"
    Optik & Photonik, 7: 23 (2012).
  • "High-speed Electronics are Built into Fiber"
    Jason Palmer, Laser Focus World
  • "Optical Fibres with Integrated Semiconductor Junctions Developed."
    Tushna Commissariat, Physics World
  • "PSU Team Develops New Crystalline Materials for Optoelectronic Applications."
    Cameron Chai, A to Z of Materials
  • "Researchers Develop Optical Fiber with Integrated, High-Speed Electronic Functions."
    Andy Choi, A to Z of Optics/Photonics
  • Sophie Curtis, CIO
  • Kate Taylor, TG Daily
  • "Researchers Integrate Electronic Components Into Optical Fibre."
    Jiten Karia, Tech Week Europe
  • Ben Coxworth, Gizmag
  • "Material Lets Fiber Optics go Electronic."
    United Press International
  • "Embedding Electronics Into Optical Fibres."
    High-pressure chemistry techniques have been used to deposit semiconducting materials layer by layer directly into tiny holes in optical fibres.
    Shivangi Anand, EFE Times
  • "Embedding electronics into optical fibres"
  • "Lichtleiter mit integrierter Elektronik"
  • Katrina Voss, ECOS website
  • "Team moves towards all-fibre optical comms network"
    Andrew Czyzewski, The Engineer
  • Light Times

Confined High-Pressure Chemical Deposition of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon,
Journal of the American Chemical Society

6 Micron Diameter Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon Wires Deposited in Silica Template and Etched Out

Polycrystalline Silicon Optical Fibers with Atomically Smooth Surfaces,
Optics Letters

Optical Characterization of Near Atomically Smooth Wires

Zinc Selenide Optical Fibers,
Advanced Materials

ZnSe Wire Deposited in Silica Template

Single Crystal Silicon Wires Grown within Microstructured Optical Fiber Templates,
Advanced Materials

Fluid-Liquid-Solid Growth in Silica Pore

Microstructured Optical Fibers as High-Pressure Microfluidic Reactors,

Silicon Honeycomb formed by Deposition in Silica Template

Pressure Tuning of Thermoelectric Materials

Transition element-like chemistry for potassium under pressure,

  • "News of the Week: High-Pressure Chemistry-Alkali Element Mimics Transition Metal", Chemical and Engineering News, July 8, 1996, p. 4
  • "Pressurizing Potassium to React with Nickel", Science News,July 6, 1996, p. 6.
  • "Potassium Gives In Under Pressure", New Scientist, July 13, 1996, p. 14.

High-pressure chemistry of hydrogen in metals: in situ study of iron hydride,

  • "Hidden Hydrogen gives the Centre of the World a Lift"
    New Scientist
  • "Iron Swells up when Squeezed with Hydrogen."
    Science News